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Leverage our knowledge and experience in internationally accepted project management best practices to ensure project success. We address the individual needs of each client while managing the entire process, from project initiation to project closure, including project milestone updates along the way.

Instituting project management consulting within your organization has many benefits including:

  • Identifying and managing risks inherent in any project
  • Providing guidance on how to respond to threats and opportunities
  • Enabling you to achieve objectives
  • Facilitating value creation for your stakeholders
  • Effectively and collaboratively deal with change

Stop stressing over your next water project.  Leverage the experience and qualifications of Falcon Project Consultants to oversee your entire water treatment project from start to finish as a trusted partner.

Have you considered that partnering with a qualified project management consultant company takes the stress and complexity of a project off your plate while delivering lower costs and greater quality? You’ll reap the economic benefit of a project with reduced risk, cost, and schedule. Additionally, you’ll gain a trusted partner whose interest in the project completely aligns with your interest.

If you want complete assurance your next water/wastewater treatment, plant upgrade, or construction project will have better results, consider the following benefits of partnering with a project manager consultant at Falcon Project Consultants.

Ask Our Experts


We have the qualified project management talent and experience your project needs.


Leverage the experience and lessons learned from our decades of experience working on similar projects and applying them to your project. We help complete projects at competitive prices, implement and oversee industry-leading safety protocols, avoid typical project mistakes, and recommend cost-saving methods.

No Conflicts

Falcon Project Consultants has no other interest at stake except for your best interest. In an ever-growing business environment replete with parties that all have their own interest at stake which can influence project decisions and outcomes. Gain the peace of mind and financial benefits of having a project management consultant who represents you and puts you first.

Avoid Mistakes

Minimize and eliminate costly mistakes and change orders that frequently occur when trying to manage a project in-house without recent and relevant experience of Falcon Project Consultants.

Minimize Risk

We work with your team to define and implement project strategies based on their experience and provide project ownership with the assurance that the project will be completed safely, on time, and within budget.


Projects typically involve the participation of multiple parties which can include scientists, contractors, and vendors – ranging from architects and engineers to general contractors and specialty vendors – often operating under strict timelines. We have the experience and expertise to assure that all project participants are coordinated and working toward the project goals.

Time and Cost-Savings

We take on the pressure, risk, and difficulties of a project while finding time- and cost-saving solutions so that you can continue to focus on running your business.


Without us, your firm risks taking on additional responsibilities that are outside of your expertise. We will take on those additional responsibilities and act as an extension to your organization and work alongside you as a partner. This way you can leverage our experience, understanding, and knowledge for a successful project.


We will act as your business partner who will assist, guide, and keep you informed through the duration of your project. Working with us will free up your time to focus on your core business while we focus on your project.

Start to Finish

From project initiating to project closing, our team will oversee your entire project as a trusted partner.

Awesome People

Our amazing team of consultants and project management experts not only delivers incredible results but also delivers improved morale because our team is awesome.

Contact our team to learn more about working with Falcon Project Consultants today!

Building domestic and international partnerships for sustainable water treatment, delivering peace of mind and a viable future.

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