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Operational Certainty

Falcon Project Consultants can help your water treatment organization optimize its investment in performance improvement by connecting your systems together and embedding them within your standard operating procedures, which will utilize the systems’ complete capabilities.

Our experience and expertise allow us to identify the broad opportunities the implementation of advanced water treatment technologies represents and we possess the application and industry-specific expertise to develop a practical solution that leverages existing infrastructure and accelerates returns.

Falcon Project Consultants has the expertise and specialization to quickly deploy resources for the end-to-end execution that is required to fully realize a successful digital transformation, providing support and direction with a track record that demonstrates our ability to deliver operational certainty.

We employ proven, flexible, yet repeatable operations management methodologies that bridge design, change management, IT/OT convergence, and system architecture.

Falcon Project Consultants helps you to quantify your business improvement opportunity and create a scalable, achievable roadmap, and we remain involved from proof of concept to enterprise roll-out to ensure that your initiatives are successful.

Collaborating with us results in a digital infrastructure that empowers your team with higher quality, faster decision-making capabilities to accelerate value creation. To ensure that best practices are implemented, we can also develop a thorough assessment of the organizational changes that will need to be implemented for the full realization of the benefits.

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Falcon Project Consultants can help your team to reach its fullest operations management potential:

  • We help your team to navigate digital transformation
  • We help your team to integrate IIoT technologies
  • We help your team to meet and/or exceed its goals for reliability, production, and sustainability
  • We help your team to optimize organizational work practices

Your team benefits from our operations management expertise, our proven methodology, and proprietary intellectual property that leads you to operational excellence. Our experienced technical experts assess your current state, key business drivers, and your current projects. We partner with your organization to help you to outline your desired end state, evaluate your capability requirements and align your outcomes in support of your business strategies. We provide the support that is catered to the unique demands of each customer journey with seed projects, phased implementations, and integration with major events and interdependencies. We provide assistance and support throughout your journey because we recognize that your end goal will remain firm; however, the path will not be static: novel and ever-changing technologies, personnel changes, and changing business climates can be guided and fine-tuned by our knowledgeable and experienced team members providing project management expertise.

IIoT Solutions

Falcon Project Consultants has the strong data management expertise that is essential to address the digital transformation needs with automation and software content; such projects require solution architecture and data integration capabilities. We help your team to design, implement and support real-time, historically- based, reporting and integration solutions. We specialize in system design, reporting and analyses, tool implementations, production data integration solutions, and custom software development. Our focus is to help your organization use real-time data to monitor and manage performance and identify optimization opportunities. Our implementations allow you to make educated, site-specific production and operational decisions based upon the analysis of real-time data from the integration of plant systems. Our expertise is key to developing a repeatable, programmatic approach and for consistent delivery.

Leading executives and government officials call Falcon Project Consultants for help with improving performance through EBITDA around Reliability, Production, Energy & Emissions, and Health, Safety, Security, & Environment. We offer patented solutions at both the site-wide level for energy management information systems and at the plant level for boilers, compressors, fired heaters, and other energy-intensive assets. You don’t have to figure it out alone. Call Falcon Project Consultants today. Eliminate nuisance trips, stabilize boilers and steam headers on automatic, quickly respond to demand/process upsets, optimize least-cost fuel use (especially when waste or alternative fuels are involved), allocate load to units by cost, manage and optimizing tie-line / electric contracts, maximize efficiency and minimize overall cost, and identify abnormal energy performance immediately.

Building domestic and international partnerships for sustainable water treatment, delivering peace of mind and a viable future.

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