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Business Training and Development for Water Treatment Facilities

Outsourcing, automation, economic uncertainty, and an aging workforce are upending the nature of work and disrupting traditional organizations. Falcon Project Consultants will set your water treatment facility up for success by teaching the techniques and processes that will increase business performance. Our team of experienced, qualified, industry management training and development consultants has extensive experience in using practical and academic information to deliver training solutions that will maximize individual and organizational performance.

Falcon Project Consultants helps your team to reach new heights with our rigorous corporate training programs, also known as corporate education or more recently workplace learning, which is a system of activities designed to educate employees. While it helps employers, it is also beneficial for employees as it helps them obtain and hone knowledge and skills to progress professionally and personally.

What Makes Our Corporate Training Services Different?

Falcon Project Consultants has training solutions for your water treatment plant’s challenges that once implemented dramatically increase employee productivity.

Relevancy and Need

We provide relevant and timely insights and information applicable to your daily job duties of your team. We help your team to expand its knowledge and skills in a format that is easy to digest so that you can immediately implement what you have learned. Alignment – We ensure that the learning outcomes align with your organizational goals. We help you to analyze your desired business outcomes and then identify the capabilities needed to achieve those outcomes which enable you to decide collectively what specific skill sets are needed by your employee base and the types of learning experiences you need to create.

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We structure our training programs to ensure that they are goal-oriented and the key performance indicators are chosen to paint a holistic picture – time, cost, effectiveness, quality, and quantity of the program.


We partner with you to create workplace learning outcomes that evolve your team culture into an environment wherein adding fun, bite-sized and relevant activities to training increases team engagement. Partner with Falcon Project Consultants to move away from traditional experiences like flicking through a PowerPoint presentation to more exciting and informative possibilities.

Manager Input

We understand that Manager involvement is important to increase employee engagement in learning.


Oftentimes team leaders spend thousands of dollars each year on employee training with few metrics to measure the outcomes to determine effectiveness. We incorporate reinforcement training, post-training follow-ups, and innovative activities to review new concepts to ensure that concepts are understood and immediately implemented.

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