The Path Forward: How Business Owners and Executives can Excel in Difficult Times

Many of our clients have asked us what they should be saying to their customers as the economy reopens. Millions of Americans have been adversely impacted by government mandated business closures. Countless businesses are on the brink and others have already gone over the edge. Many organizations will endure the impact of these events for several years to come.

If this picture is even close to accurate of where we find ourselves today, then talking
with people can be a helpful task. In fact, this task is one that deserves to be near the top of the list of our priorities. What’s needed isn’t difficult to accomplish. It’s simply giving people an opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, and, yes, their fears. We may be resilient, but all of us can benefit from support and understanding.

Even though being helpful is rather simple, not many of us find it easy to speak about
much other than sports, the weather, or mundane occupational banter. This is where
savvy executives and business owners come into the picture to play a vital role.
Knowledgeable professionals will lean into the role of being a valued and highly utilized business resource.
Engaging others in helpful and empathetic conversations can be therapeutic and impactful for not only the customer, but also you and/or your team.

Falcon Project Consultants has successfully coached countless clients to success by suggesting the following:

• Skillfully listen to your customer more than you speak and provide ease of mind
• Ask your customers questions that give them free reign to be themselves
• Exercise patience and empathy with your customers
• Be sensitive to a person’s feelings because coming on too strong or inappropriately may drive prospects away
• Customer connection and intimacy are at the heart of selling
• Engage your customers by telling an uplifting story
• Salespeople also need to know why it’s important to slow down and remain silent so
customers have time to think

Furthermore, remember to be an eternal pillar of optimism and solutions for your customer. Approach each customer interaction with the mindset of being an incredibly valuable resource for doing good at a time when many are isolated and alone in one way or another and long for someone to notice them, whether it’s in the course of the day, around the neighborhood, at work, or anywhere else.
This suggests that there are always opportunities if you seek them out, even in trying times. Even though as business owners and executives, you may be preoccupied with your own issues, remember that your customers need to know that you are concerned about them and their well-being.

Demonstrate your commitment to helping customers by putting
your skills to work beyond closing sales. You can make a difference by engaging your
customers in such a way that enhances your relationship with them. It may not change
the world, but it will help make it better for them and help your business thrive.

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