Project Management Consultant Job Description

Project management consultants perform the function of advisor, planner, and leader in working with internal and external clients to devise and implement solutions related to process or quality improvement. These professionals are a valuable resource to stakeholders seeking to identify and correct inefficiencies in workflow and processes. These consultants handle complex initiatives tied to a specific business unit or for enterprise-wide projects, often working on multiple projects simultaneously. Analytical, organized multitaskers with business knowledge exceed in this domain.


Project Management Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

Project management consultants perform the lead function in project planning and implementation. Some of the main duties associated with this function include:


Hold Preplanning Meetings

Before a project is started, a contract must be created and reviewed, and detailed plans must be drafted. These steps are necessary so that all involved parties understand a project’s goals and expectations. It is the project management consultant’s responsibility to hold the preplanning meeting at which these activities are executed.



On-Site Customer Visits

After the contract has been signed and detailed plans made, project management consultants visit the client on-site to review the process and make suggestions. Periodic visits are also made to check on the progress of the project to ensure things are going as planned.


Procure Hardware and Third-Party Software

New process implementation often requires companies to utilize new hardware and software, and the project management consultant can locate and purchase these items.


Maintain Industry Knowledge

It is important that project management consultants stay informed on current and emerging trends and developments so that they may incorporate them into current and future projects.


Deliver Projects

While there are many stakeholders involved in a project’s implementation, the delivery of the project rests in the hands of the project management consultant. They’re responsible for ensuring that it is delivered on time and within the budget constraints.


Project Management Consultant Skills and Qualifications

Individuals with strong leadership skills and the ability to prioritize and multitask dominate this field.

Essential proficiencies include:

Project management software proficiency – project management software to schedule, plan, and document project data and progress

Interpersonal skills –work with stakeholders at varying levels and build new client relationships while developing and maintaining current relationships

Analytical skills –anticipate potential problems and risks that may occur with a prospective project before they occur

Problem-solving skills – resolve team conflicts, budgetary restraints, and other obstacles often hamper the completion or implementation of a new project

Time and cost management –ensure that the project schedule and budget meet the project guidelines


Tools of the Trade

Project management software (MS Project, SharePoint, Project Server)

Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)

Education and Training

PMP Certification

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