Grow Your Business with Person-To-Person Marketing

Nothing beats the power of other people when it comes to marketing. The optimal motivator to get someone to buy is human interaction.  Seemingly benign interactions like lunch with a referral source, a former customer recommending your company to a friend, or a team member meeting a prospect at a trade show, when you engage with someone on the person-to-person level, you have a much better chance of increasing your business.

Consider the power of person-to-person marketing from the customer’s perspective. For example, as a business owner or executive looking for a web developer, you are likely to trust the recommendation of other business owners or individuals that had a great experience with a specific web developer.  That is a much stronger motivator than an advertisement. Similarly, one is more likely to hire a web developer whom they have met at a business event or trade show, again due to that relationship already established.

That is the potency of person-to-person marketing. For this reason, you should make person-to-person marketing a major part of your marketing plan.  Any activity that involves building your business by interacting with other people is critical to success.  Anyone that you meet can be a marketing agent for your business.


The key person-to-person marketing activities are:

  • Networking
  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Trade shows
  • Public relations

You might think that person-to-person marketing is a free form of marketing; however, it usually comes with its own associated costs. For example, consider the fees to join trade/industry association events, attending networking organizations, and the cost of entertaining current or potential clients. Finally, the power of the internet has enhanced person-to-person marketing because it allows people to share their opinions at scale.

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