5 Remote Job Skills You Didn’t Even Know You Had

More jobs are remote these days as companies continue to maintain remote work edicts. However, employers desire more from remote workers, but don’t worry—you may already have the skills they seek for to you shine as a remote employee. Here are 5 remote job skills you didn’t even know you had.

  1. Time Management
    This is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities.

Do I have it? At work, examples are creating and sticking with a written schedule or completing one task before moving to the next (i.e.: not multitasking). At home, this may look like planning anything from finances to meals to personal goals.

  1. Strong Written Communication Skills
    Written communication, or making use of the written word to interact, is absolutely necessary when working from home.

Do I have it? In work, this looks like writing clear and direct emails or messages to colleagues. At home, this may look like listening well to others and being recognized for it, like having your spouse or friends say, “You are a good listener.”

  1. Computer Skills
    Any knowledge and ability that allows you to use computers and computer related technology is considered computer skills.

Do I have it? At work, expertise ranging from Word to HTML may set you apart especially in the remote working field. At home, time spent on Instagram or in a Zoom Video chat can actually come in handy for work!

  1. Self-Motivation
    The force that drives you to do things.

Do I have it? For work, this looks like starting and finishing a task without the need for others reminding you to get it done. At home this might look like sticking to a personal fitness plan or perhaps proactively taking on home improvement projects.

  1. Balance
    Balance is how you prioritize between personal and professional activities.

Do I have it? Things like playing to your strengths, setting a schedule, exercising and setting aside personal time are examples of the balance that is essential in work and life.


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